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The Hottest Field for Unity3D Developers

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The VR industry is booming. It had an estimated market value of $22.9 BILLION Dollars  with over 210 million people using VR Technology in 2020 alone. What’s even crazier is over 50% of those sales are in gaming. Unity3D developers are in high-demand due to the high rate of returns and limitless potential of this new industry. Expect between 14-20 million new device users/potential customers per year for the forseeable future. VR is a huge industry for non-gaming markets as well. The medical industry uses it for training and therapy. Universities use it for simulations and education. The military, travel, entertainment, conventions and meetings – all industries clamoring for creators who can build virtual experiences for their clients.

A Legit Virtual Classroom

learn vr in a classroom setting with an actual instructor

The GameDevHQ VR Intensive Training Program (VRITP) creates a teaching environment that imitates a true classroom. It’s a small-group, interactive work environment lead by an instructor that guides you through the process of learning Virtual Reality. Here is an overview of what you can expect in the VR ITP Program.

  • 4-week program that requires 20-30 hours per week for course curriculum and workshops
  • Daily check-ins and reviews of curriculum with real-time assistance
  • A weekly workshop aimed at reviewing and discussing topics learned through the week – no one is left behind
  • Instant access to the lead instructor of the program
  • A completed VR project within 4 weeks and the confidence to continue on as a VR Developer
  • Certification from GameDevHQ upon completion of the program

What will you learn in this program?

In this classroom environment, you will be required to put it 20-30 hours per week to develop a working VR space simulator prototype entitled VR Space Cadet.

Introduction to VR

Learn how to set up your Oculus device for Unity3D and take a seat inside your own virtual cockpit.

Hand Movements and Buttons

Get your hands set up for the VR environment. We have a cockpit with a thousand buttons and levers. Learn how to interact, animate, play audio, and send events.

Pick Up and Interact with Items

Fix up your damaged module by carefully handling a reactor core. Also learn how to grab yourself a virtual cup of coffee.

Cinematic On-Rails Events

Learn how to create a on-rails cinematic event where you engage in a take-off sequence as well as fly through an asteroid-filled section of space.

Take Control and Fly

Grab your virtual flight stick and throttle and pilot around nearby star destroyers.  Be sure to buzz the flight towers.

Earn $50k per year as a starting VR developer!

Have you heard this before?

  • “Don’t pay for tutorials… you can find the information on Youtube.”
  • “Just google it and figure it out.”
  • “It’s simple… I did it so if you work at it long enough, you can too.” 

GameDevHQ provides a zero spoon-fed environment. We help you unlock that “Eureka!” moment where things begin to click. You’ll learn to break game mechanics down to their simplest form. You’ll learn to write code from scratch. You’ll permanently remove yourself from tutorial purgatory and gain the confidence to enter the workforce.

We built the VR Intensive Training Program to prepare you for a career in as little as 4 weeks! Other bootcamps will charge you $6,000+ for a 10 week program to master the basics. Universities will charge you $40,000+ and leave you unemployed. 

Our program has proven to deliver results. If you’re a serious developer looking to transition to a career with Unity, Virtual Reality is the way to go! By the end of this program, you’ll learn how to establish yourself as a VR developer, how to get recruiters reaching out to you, and how to confidently apply to the thousands of jobs available!

Through our 4 week intensive training program, you will simulate the experience working in a fast-pace, collaborative environment. On day one, you’re officially a virtual reality developer, and you now have a job todo.

You’re a game developer and software engineer. You have a job todo. There’s no video tutorials in this program.

You’ll meet with your lead instructor every other day to go over progress and review your code, identifying optimization and best practices moving forward.

Every week, your group will hop into an instructor lead session focusing on the previous weeks tasks, reviewing the work, going over best practices, and preparing you for a career in XR!

You have access to your lead instructor and the other members in your group! You have the support you need to be successful.

We Promote from Within

the student becomes the master

Austin Mackrell

Austin MacKrell is a software engineer trained through our programs at GameDevHQ!  He completed our Intensive Training Program in early 2019.  During the COVID-19 occurrence, he became a Lead Software Engineer for the Hawaii ACI program and worked with over 60 interns who had no experience in Unity3D or C#. Within 2 months of his guidance through daily reviews, one-on-one assistance, and weekly workshops, the students were able to complete multiple GDHQ courses and projects.  The most experienced in that group were then combined to then create and publish their very own game in two weeks time.

Austin designed and created this VR program and will be your resource for information in VR Development and Optimization for this course.

Jonathan Weinberger

Jonathan is a self-taught software engineer and game developer with over ten years of experience. At 19, he authored “Learn Unity Programming with C#.” He is an industry professional, who has developed Unity games for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and several indie game companies. He is experienced in enterprise and augmented reality application development, and have created applications for Coca-Cola, AT&T, GE, and ThyssenKrupp to name a few. 

Jonathan has also delivered enterprise training to Apple, NBC Universal, East Side Games, The Home Depot, Hershey, and many other large enterprises. Jonathan is the only authorized unity instructor in the world who partners directly with Unity to provide endorsed training. His students have gone on to work for companies such as EA, American Gaming Systems, Cartoon Network, Facebook, Oculus, Deloitte, Boeing, Unity and many more.

4-week VR intensive training program


We want to provide each Intensive student the time and attention they need to be successful, which is why we limit each program to 12 students.  We also want to make sure the students who take this course are serious about game development – whether they are a hobbyist or interested in a career with Unity.  You need to be able to honor the time commitment required to succeed in this program.  That’s why we require an application and screening process.  If we don’t feel like it’s the right time for you to enroll, we’ll ask you to apply again in the future.  We are not here to take your money and set you up to fail.  

Google search “coding bootcamp unity vr,” and you will discover that the typical bootcamp costs THOUSANDS of dollars… Sometimes more than $10,000 for a 6-12 week program!  Our goal is to provide the best intensive that money can buy for an affordable price.  You shouldn’t have to break the bank to become a great VR developer. 

Yes. You must be able to commit between 20-30 hours per week for 4 weeks. We also prefer that you have some coding experience. During the pre-screening process, you will be given some tests to review your ability as a Unity developer and programmer. If we feel like now isn’t a good time, we’ll place you on a learning track to re-apply in 6 weeks.

Yes, we require a VR headset to build VR apps. We would recommend avoiding any company that offers VR training without one. We will be using the Oculus Quest for this course. They currently run around $300 USD.

It’s not cheap but it’s a fraction of the cost that most “coding bootcamps” or a college degree would cost. Keep in mind that we limit the course to around 12 students. This way, our instructor can dedicate quality Q&A and one-on-one assistance and make sure you achieve your “eureka” moment and push through as a confident VR developer. Payment plans are available for those who qualify.

Competing programs offer you the opportunity to watch someone else build a game. We do not agree with this mode of education. Your time and money are far too important. This isn’t just another on-demand program. We offer a completely different approach that teaches problem-solving and critical thinking skills, along with important coding concepts that help you transition from copy-paste coder to actual programmer.

As demand for our intensives continue to climb, so will the price. We do not offer immediate discounts, but have payment plans available. If you attended a Summit, you may be eligible for savings.

No. This is not an on-demand video training program.  You’re actively developing your skills with bi-daily check-ins to do code reviews on your tasks and assignments. This requires an active instructor committed to you.  You’re accountable for your time and commitment. 

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